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Our Vision

Our Vision for Bay City Public Schools is a place where:

  • All students graduate having successfully attained the necessary core skills of reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, and world language.
  • Each student achieves a well rounded education beyond the basic skills through exploration and training in areas of interest including art, music, drama, industrial arts, as well as social and personal skills for good citizenship.
  • Our philosophy for education is as a life-long pursuit, not limited to kindergarten through grade 12, and that our programs and staff reflect that vision.
  • All classrooms have a standard and appropriate level of technology and teaching materials to promote student academic success.
  • Students learn in a safe environment, students and staff respect one another, and disrespectful or disruptive behavior is not accepted.
  • Students and staff work together in facilities that are maintained with pride on a continuing basis and improved as needed.
  • The Board of Education and staff provide up-to-date and innovative technology and educational opportunities.
  • Students are provided appropriate non-instructional services to assist them with their individual educational needs and pursuits such as college preparation, financial aid information, counseling, and extracurricular activities.
  • Parent involvement is always invited, encouraged, and sought
  • The Board of Education’s Values for Effective Governance are used to develop goals and evaluation methods to measure performance.
  • All of our schools are high achieving and considered as models of excellence in the State.

The Right Choice

Bay City Public Schools is the right choice with highly qualified teachers and dedicated staff assisting students in meeting their educational needs.

Our graduates receive millions of dollars in scholarship awards annually including the Bay Commitment Scholarship where each year over 50 high school students receive $2,000 for each of two years to attend either Delta College or Saginaw Valley State University.

The Bay City Public Schools provide a wide variety of academic courses as well as athletic and extracurricular opportunities to meet our students' needs and interests.

From preschool to gifted and talented, to advanced placement, to career and technical training, Bay City Public Schools is the right choice!

Involved Parents

It is a well known fact that when parents are involved in their children's education, those children are successful. We encourage parents to help us by:

  • Monitoring their children's education including completion of homework assignments and tracking academic progress throughout the school year.
  • Providing us with feedback on how we are providing for their children's education.
  • Participating in school events and activities with their children when opportunities exist.
  • Communicating with teachers and principals through parent-teacher conferences, email, telephone, or in person.
  • Supporting our teachers and principals in their efforts to teach students about inappropriate actions and behaviors.