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Patrick Malley

We would like to introduce one of our new Administrators. Patrick Malley joined Bay City Public Schools this summer and is taking on a new role in the district as Chief Academic Officer of the Office of Teaching, Learning and Technology. Learn a little about Patrick and his new post in this Q and A.

Q) Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself?
A) I grew up in the South End of Bay City and graduated from Central High School. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in History from Michigan State University, a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from Ball State University, and am a Gerstacker Fellow at Saginaw Valley State University.

Prior to coming to Bay City Public Schools, I was Assistant Superintendent and High School Principal at Meridian Public Schools, where I worked for seven years. I started my career in education teaching high school history and psychology at Niles Community Schools in southwest Michigan, where I later served as the founding director of a small school-within-a-school focused on entrepreneurial leadership.

I am married and have three boys, ages 6, 9, and 11. I spend much of my spare time carting them around to various sports practices, coaching, and volunteering my efforts where I can.

Q) What is your role as Chief Academic Officer?
A) As Chief Academic Officer for Bay City Public Schools, I see my primary responsibility as communicating back to the organization its goals for teaching and learning. To do this, obviously, I do a lot of listening and recording what the community is hoping to achieve for students so that I can lead work with teachers and principals to make those goals our reality.

On a more practical level, I am in charge of curriculum, instruction, technology, school improvement, grant programs, media services, student supports, professional development, assessment, and data! To do all of this work, I have a team of phenomenal people who collaborate with other departments within BCPS to ensure we are all headed in the same direction.

Q) What is OTLT?
A) OTLT stands for the Office of Teaching, Learning, and Technology. It represents the group of people I am fortunate enough to work with each day.

Q) When did this change take place?
A)The Office of Teaching, Learning, and Technology was launched at the start of the 2019–2020 school year, coinciding with the creation of the Chief Academic Officer role.

Q) Why is this a better way of doing things?
A) I don't know if it is better, per se, but I think that labels really matter. By calling ourselves the Office of Teaching, Learning, and Technology, we are acknowledging the most important aspects of who we are and what we do. Traditional departmental labels that use educational jargon to describe themselves tend to get in the way of the reason certain offices or positions exist within an organization. My office is responsible for all aspects of teaching, learning, and technology. Our title simply states that, and I think that is a good thing so that people know what we are about.

Q) How do you see your office making a difference in the future?
A) Ultimately, my office's success will be based on our ability to lead teaching, learning, and technology forward to meet the community's goals for students. For my team, that involves adding value by developing our organization's capacity to support students to succeed. When we are successful, our difference will be seen in the quality of our district's programs and the outcomes those programs produce.

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