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Survey Request

Survey Tell Us What You ThinkIn the interest of professional growth, Bay City Central Office Administrators have decided to participate in a 360 feedback process which will allow them to gain more perspective and advice from school district groups about their leadership. Your participation is appreciated to help make this a success.

A few important points:

Completion will take no more than a few minutes on your internet-capable computer or smartphone. If possible, please do it right away to avoid searching for links and directions later.Although your email address is used for sign-in and survey management procedures, your input is strictly confidential. Neither your email address nor your identity will be shared with me or the district in any report provided.The results will be carefully reviewed and utilized for goal setting and professional growth.

Please participate as soon as possible but not later than January 19, 2018, by following the link below, entering your email address (WHICH WILL REMAIN CONFIDENTIAL) and the password: Bigelow2018

Participate In Survey HERE

The survey, which is comprised mostly of point-and-click responses can be completed rather quickly. We understand that not all respondents will feel that they are able to respond to all items but encourage you to respond to as many as you can. A "no response" option is provided for each item.

Again, your participation will help to make this process successful, allowing better service to our school district and is deeply appreciated.