Dear Bay City Public Schools, 

On behalf of the Bay City Public Schools Board of Education, I am pleased to announce the approval of the Bay City Public Schools 2021-2026 Strategic Plan at last night’s Board of Education meeting. We successfully met our previous 5-year plan’s goals in only three years, and we are excited to continue exceeding expectations. Our plan is a living document, serving as a guide for planning, resource allocation, staff development, and decision-making over the next several years.

Seven community, parent/guardian, staff, and student forums provided input in the planning process, along with 544 people giving information through an electronic survey. A Strategic Planning Team of 37 community members and staff participated in an all-day planning retreat on March 13, 2021. Our new mission statement establishes our purpose, our beliefs reflect our core values, and goals provide focused areas of work.

Vision: Bay City Public Schools: Diverse opportunities, exceptional experiences, empowered to transform the world!

Mission: We provide an engaging, diverse, and supportive learning environment that will allow each student to reach their fullest potential.

Beliefs: We believe…

  • Students are our top priority.
  • Everyone should be treated with dignity and respect through diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • We are here to enhance, serve, and collaborate with the community.
  • In valuing the ongoing growth and development of schools and families.
  • Empowering students and staff to be innovative is important to student success.
  • In offering challenging, competitive programs that will stimulate rigor, growth, and meet the needs of each student.
  • Our commitment to processes and data will inform decision-making across the district.

Bay City Public Schools Strategic Plan 2021-2026 focuses on six goal areas:
Academics, learning environment, communication, facilities/operations, and personnel/leadership.

I invite you to explore the plan in greater detail through the following documents:
Strategic Plan Report Summary
Strategic Plan Report Document
Dr. Bigelow

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