Implementation of The Assessment Program

The Bay City Public Schools currently has twelve buildings which house students in active instructional programs. Planning with and communication among these sites is critical in order to operate an effective assessment program. In order to facilitate such planning and communication, the principal or program director at each site is asked to designate a Testing Coordinator for the school year.

The role of the Testing Coordinator is to facilitate the assessment program at their building. This coordination includes such things as:

  1. Scheduling and arranging for the conduct of testing within their building.
  2. Ordering and arranging for testing materials to be delivered from and returned to the Assessment Department.
  3. Helping those administering the test prepare themselves and their students so as to promote a positive testing climate where students will do their best within proper testing conditions.
  4. Working with professional colleagues in the building to insure that results are properly posted and shared with students and parents.
  5. Operating within the guidelines and policies as contained in the district’s Assessment Program and the Test Coordinators Manual/Handbooks that are provided with each assessment.
  6. Provide feedback to the Assessment Department and the Assessment Committee regarding needed changes and improvements to the district’s Assessment Program.